Speed up Lightroom 2.0

One of the touted benefits to the latest Lightroom upgrade is the 64 bit support. So, why is Lightroom 2.0 running so damn slow? After some searching various message boards I found the reason. Lightroom 2.0 defaults to running in 32 bit mode. Just change it to run in 64 bit mode... right? And here's how:

Uncheck the "open in 32 bit mode" box and then start.

Seems like funny place to put it... right?

Switching from Aperture to Lightroom

Yes Apple, I am sorry. I love you but... I've switched from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom.  I really wanted to stay with Aperture, but there were a few things that I couldn't ignore.

  1. Aperture was a bit sluggish on my MBP... specially the responsiveness of the crop and rotate tool.
  2. Aperture did not have a vignetting tool. Too many trips to Photoshop
  3. I've been using DXO optics pro, and they provide a Lightroom plugin for easy roundtripping
  4. Presets. I really like the developing preset feature in Lightroom, especially being able to share them.
  5. Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for image processing. Really love the clarity feature. Lightroom uses Adobe Camera Raw engine.
  6. Lightroom print module has been giving me better results with color profiles with my Epson R1800 (which has been a small nightmare to get a decent print)
  7. More efficient roundtripping to Photoshop

Here is an example of some Lightroom processing 

Processed in Lightroomfam_20030628_0266.jpg Originalfam_20030628_0266-2.jpg 
There are some features of Aperture that I do miss, but overall I'm groovin' on Lightroom.